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Our beginning with sustainability

Saeson is committed to creating products and packaging that can be reused over time, promoting a sustainable lifestyle that reduces waste and preserves natural resources. By doing so, we aim to leave a beautiful world for our children and future generations to enjoy.

Sustainable fabric

Saeson creates products that are produced with the least impact on the environment.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging are created with utter concerns for the environment. 

Community Involvement

Apart from being Eco-friendly, Saeson also aims to support and present local products to the world.

sustainable fabric

Saeson uses TENCEL™, a gentle fiber suitable for babies that provides a soft and comfortable feeling without irritating the skin. It also inhibits bacterial growth, absorbs water well, and dries easily. Tencel’s eco-friendly production process, which involves rotating eucalyptus tree cultivation and zero discharge of wastewater into natural water sources, aligns with Saeson’s commitment to sustainability.

Organic Cotton

Saeson chooses to use organic cotton as it is grown without harmful chemicals, making it environmentally friendly and a safer option for babies. This decision aligns with Saeson’s commitment to environmental protection and promoting better health outcomes.

Recycled Polyester

Saeson’s Ellwood collection of swimwear is made from recycled polyester, an eco-friendly innovation that reduces the use of new, natural materials in the production process. The polyester fibers used are made by processing and cleaning used plastic bottles, which helps to slow down waste generation and reduce the use of plastic that harms the environment.

Beech Wood

Saeson uses FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified beech wood to ensure that our products meet sustainability standards. The beech wood used is sourced from planted forests, allowing for new trees to be planted in place of the harvested ones.

sustainable packaging

Recycled paper packaging

Saeson uses biodegradable Kraft Paper to make all product packaging, including product tags, which is environmentally friendly and does not produce toxic waste.

Upcycle surplus greige fabrics

The materials used to create Saeson bags come from the leftover production materials in same factory that produces our line of products. These fabrics may not meet the high standards of our actual products, but we strive to minimize waste and use any usable pieces whenever possible. This sustainable approach allows us to repurpose surplus fabric and reduce waste. The result is a beautiful and eco-friendly packaging bag that we are proud to offer to our customers.

community involvement

Water Hyacinth Gift Set

Saeson’s gift sets are carefully crafted using water hyacinth weaved baskets. The use of water hyacinths for weaving has become increasingly popular as these plants are known to grow and spread quickly, negatively impacting the water quality in rivers and canals. By utilizing water hyacinths for weaving, Saeson is contributing to the reduction of environmental damage caused by the overgrowth of these plants. These baskets are produced by the Ban Khlong Nok Krathung water hyacinth weaving community enterprise in Nakhon Pathom Province. This community enterprise was established to provide additional income for local farmers while supporting sustainable practices.

Welcome to sæson

Saeson’s journey began with a passion for textiles and a love for the stunning nature and culture of Scandinavia. Our clothes are designed to inspire your little ones to take adventures and grow alongside the beauty of the natural world.