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Saeson’s Journal

Saeson’s journey began with a passion for textiles and inspiration from the natural beauty, arts, and rich culture of Scandinavia. We encourage children to explore and appreciate the wonders of the natural world through our clothing. With Saeson, children can embark on adventures, get closer to nature, and grow up surrounded by its beauty.

Beauty of Seasons

At Saeson, we draw inspiration from the distinct and beautiful scenery of each season, allowing us to appreciate nature’s wonders all year round. Our brand name Sæson, which means “season,” reflects this connection to the natural world. The unique beauty of each season sparks our imagination and opens up a world of endless possibilities.

Saeson draws inspiration from the serene winter nights surrounded by silent mountains, the blooming flowers and trees of spring, the glistening sunlight of summer, and the colorful leaves of autumn. We’re captivated by the charm and mystery of the wild animals that inhabit these natural landscapes. As humans, we’re born from nature, and it’s time to reconnect with it.

Inspired by Nature
Designed with Heart

Nature Inspired

At Saeson, we place natural beauty at the heart of our designs, creating clothing that connects parents and babies to the wonders of nature.


Saeson is dedicated to creating high-quality clothing that’s crafted with care and precision. Our experienced team selects only the finest materials and pays attention to every detail of the sewing process to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of refinement and quality.


Saeson is committed to sustainability and designing products that meet the needs of today’s users while protecting resources for future generations. We prioritize our responsibility to the planet and work to minimize our environmental impact in every aspect of our production process.

Safety and Traceability

The safety and comfort of your baby is our top priority. We have taken great care in selecting materials and our products have passed rigorous testing by the Textile Institute, ensuring they are free of harmful substances. With OEKO-TEK Standard 100 Class 1 certification, parents can trust in the safety of our products for their little ones.

Våren (Spring)

Spring brings a burst of colors to nature, with blossoming flowers and trees that freshen up the forest. It’s a soothing sight that relieves stress and fatigue, bringing calmness and relaxation to both parents and children alike.

Sommar (Summer)

Summer in Scandinavia is extra special because of the extended sunlight. To complement this brightness, we choose colors that exude cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and creativity. The Saeson collection stimulates children’s imaginations and encourages them to play with nature.

Hösten (Autumn)

Autumn in Scandinavia is captivating, with the fallen maple leaves creating a warm and lively tangerine atmosphere that inspires adventure.

Vinter (Winter)

Scandinavian winters may be cold and dark, but they hold a special charm with the appearance of the beautiful northern lights. Winter offers a calming and imaginative respite that can help alleviate anxiety.

Craft and Quality

Quality is our priority

Saeson prioritizes product quality above all else, ensuring that each piece is meticulously crafted to deliver the highest possible quality to your hands.

Safe for children

Saeson products are certified safe for babies, meeting the rigorous standards of OEKOTEX-100 Product Class 1. Tested thoroughly, our products can be used from birth with peace of mind.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainable production lies at the heart of Saeson’s product development.