Ellwood Swim Underwear

S M L | 6 months - 4.5 years

Saeson introduces the Ellwood Swim Underwear, crafted with warm colors that reflect the spirit of Saeson. Made with care by experts, this jumpsuit features sustainable raw materials made from recycled polyester with good flexibility and a soft, comfortable touch. This item is made using fabric that protects them from the sun, meeting international standards. With Saeson, you can feel confident and secure when your baby wears our Ellwood collection of swimwear.

Recycled polyester is an innovative solution that greatly reduces the use of plastic, which can damage the environment. By repurposing used plastic bottles, we clean and process them to create polyester fibers, which can then be woven into yarn or made into fabric. At Saeson, we recognize the importance of reducing the use of new, natural materials in production and slowing down the generation of waste. That’s why our Ellwood collection uses recycled polyester to create sustainable swimwear for your little ones.

UVA 100% protection, UVB 100% protection, UPF 40++, Recycled Polyester, Nylon spandex with 100% recovery stretch, Sustainability


Size and Specifications

Size Chart

Recycled Polyester 85% Spandex 15%

Care Instructions : Saeson recommends hand washing the swimsuit with a water temperature not exceeding 40°C to help prolong its lifespan. Bleaching agents such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide should not be used as they can cause the color to fade faster. Ironing and dry cleaning are also not recommended as they can damage the swimsuit. Instead, it is best to dry the swimsuit naturally in the shade, avoiding spin drying and heat, which can cause the spandex fiber to deteriorate.

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