Newborn Baby Mittens & Socks

Mittens 9-10 cm, Socks 9-11 cm | Newborns and over

Protect your little one’s hands and feet with Saeson’s Newborn Baby Mittens & Socks set. Available in a variety of tones, each item is made with Tencel fibers derived from eucalyptus and organic cotton, providing a soft and smooth texture that won’t irritate the skin. With excellent ventilation and temperature regulation, these mittens and socks ensure your baby stays comfortable in any weather.


Size and Specifications

Mittens 9 – 10 cm, Socks 9 – 11 cm | Newborns and over

70% Tencel™ and 30% Organic Cotton

Care Instructions : Hand wash or machine wash on delicate mode with a laundry bag at a temperature not exceeding 30°C, using a gentle detergent to maintain quality. Avoid using bleach, dry cleaning, or high heat tumble drying. Tumble dry on low heat, and do not use fabric softener. We recommend hanging on a clothesline to dry and washing separately in the same color.

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